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Golden Kreasi Inova, founded in july 2000, grows from a very small trading company into today national group company with import line, food manufacturer, food service and consumer milk product, group companies.

Golden Kreasi Inova focuses on delivering best products to clients by being and authorized sales representative from your reputable National International Manufacturer.

Golden Kreasi Inova range of expertise offer more suitable and sustainable support for food and beverage industry. The strongest product line  is specialty dairy products although we also have other food and beverages ingredients. Our dairy products come from Netherland. Dutch dairy products is famaous for it’s superior quality colour and taste.

Golden Kreasi Inova now employs many specialist to give the best service to our clients. Services include consultation, factory visit, on site joint experiment, problem solving, samples and best solution of raw material supply. We are honoured to serve out reputable national and multinational costumers continously for almost 20 years.

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Euromix Milk Powder

Golden Kreasi Inova jual susu bubuk, coklat bubuk, baking powder, vanili, pelembut kue, pengenyal baso bakso, untuk industri bakery roti pastry kue kering, biskuit, wafer, es krim

Golden Kreasi Inova jual susu bubuk, coklat bubuk, baking powder, vanili, pelembut kue, pengenyal baso bakso, untuk industri bakery roti pastry kue kering, biskuit, wafer, es krim

Euromix is a fine blended milk powder. Targeted to achieve best milk properties with affordable prices. Originally from Netherlands, the dairy center of the world, Euromix is promised to give surprising experience and superiority to your products.

With very competitive market situation nowadays, food companies continuously challenge to survive. Unfortunately product price is one of key factor to win the competition, Euromix overcome this price situation to win competition without sacrificing product quality. With significant price difference you can hardly tell the difference in quality. Euromix is very fine tune to fit perfectly food & beverages industry need, to have best quality affordable milk.

Let our expert assist you swicting from skyroceting price milk powder to affordable Euromix. Do it now, or left behind competition. Costum product specification is available upon request.

Fullcream, Skim & whey are available.


– Milk Premix Euromix

– Milk Premix Novaris

– Milk Premix Genova

Milk Premix Vatpro

– Milk Premix JMK

– Milk Premix ECO

– Milk Premix I Milk

– Milk Premix Goldenmix

– Bakking Powder Everest

– Bakking Powder Zeus

– Powdered/Icing Sugar

– Ansys Hydrocoloid

– MP2 Mix Phosphate

– GI-MS Modified Star

– Butter Euromix

– Reffine Butter Subtitute

– Butter Oil Subtitute

Vatpro Cocoa

– Vanili Gollino

– NDC Vatpro

– Whey Vatpro

– Coconut Milk Powder (Santan)

– Desicated Coconut

– Mashed Potato Powder

– Bubble Pearl Tapioca (Bubble Drink)

– Green Tea Creamer/Latte Drink

– Coffee Creamer/Latte Drink

– Chocolate Creamer/Latte Drink

– Malt Cocoa Creamer Latte Drink

– Milk Creamer/Latte Drink

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